Pair Programming (mini) Tour in Brazil

Tomorrow I’m flying to Brazil and will have a chance to do do something I wanted for a long time: a pair programming tour. The goal is simple: work with people in their companies. Not speaking, consulting or running coding dojos. I want to experience the everyday routine, learning their ways and hopefully contributing with some of my skills too.

This idea came from Corey Haines’s programming tours and the work of other craftsmen like Enrique Riepenhausen, Dave Hoover and Antony Marcano from

Hopefully it will be an interesting way to learn new tricks.

Unfortunately I’ll have only three days to accomplish my goal. The good news is that it took less than a day to be contacted by more companies that I’ll be able to visit, which shows I’m not the only one thinking this can be a very good experience.

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2009-09-29 12:44 -0300