ThoughtWorks office in Brazil

On the last April’s fool, Philip Calcado announced that ThoughtWorks was about to start an office in Brazil.

At few months later and this message on Martin Fowler’s twitter proves the affirmation was not that far from reality:

“My colleague Sid Pinney is investigating setting up a ThoughtWorks office in Brazil - talk to him at […]”

The interesting thing about this is not the fact itself, but the reaction it’s causing. Not only dozens of Brazilian developers are forwarding the message, but there are peoplealreadyasking how they can join the company.

The biggest strength of TW is their ability to attract good developers by having on their staff people who influence the whole software development community. In my opinion that’s the result of a good recruitment process and giving opportunity for employees to publish and work on their own projects.

I really hope they open a company there because, as far as I know, very few companies have this kind of culture in Brazil. Open a company there and they can probably have the best developers around.

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2009-06-03 11:57 -0300