Refactoring dojo at Skillsmatter

For this dojo, instead of working on a challenge from scratch, we’ll start from an existing solution and try to improve it.

The starting point will be the Minesweeper implementation created on a previous coding dojo. It contains only 272 lines of Java code (source + tests) and a lot of room for improvement.

Some guidelines for the session:

  • Two programmers will work on the code for 7 minutes. After this period, one of them switch his place with someone from the audience.
  • The pair decides their next step and make sure the audience understand what they’re doing. Discussion with the audience is acceptable, but the final word is always from the pair.
  • The pair should follow the 3 Rules of TDD:
  • You are not allowed to write any production code unless it is to make a failing unit test pass.
  • You are not allowed to write any more of a unit test than is sufficient to fail; and compilation failures are failures.
  • You are not allowed to write any more production code than is sufficient to pass the one failing unit test.
  • At the end there will be a retrospective to identify all the lessons learned.

This coding dojo will take place on the 25th March and to participate you need to register at the session page on the Skillsmatter website. If you want to start playing with the code now, it can be downloaded here.

See you there!

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2009-03-19 16:39 -0300