Open coding dojo in London

Thanks to Gojko and the guys from Skillsmatter I’ll be running a regular coding dojo in London. The challenges, languages, session formats and any other related topic will be discussed in the new coding-dojo-london group, so if you’re interested in attending any session or learning more about how the dojo works, it’s a good idea to subscribe.

My idea with this group is also help people interested in running other dojos in the city. So far I know Danilo from ThoughtWorks and the guys from YouDevise who are doing that, and I hope to see more next year.

The first session will be on 1st of December and the idea is to have one session every 2 weeks starting in January. All the sessions are free but be aware that some sessions may have limited number of people.

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2008-11-09 18:16 -0200