In his talk at the Agile2008, Bob Martin proposed an addition to the Agile Manifesto:

Craftsmanship over Crap.

Although most of us can identify with that statement, it’s probably not easy to sell the idea put that way. But now he rephrased it to:

Craftsmanship over Execution.

I confess the first time a thought about software development being a craft was in a Joel Spolsky’s article disagreeing with the use of this term. In the post he suggests creating software is more related to design than craftsmanship, but he reinforces the idea of software not being simple execution.

After working with a lot of different people, it’s easy to distinguish who think about software as being craftsmanship or mere execution. And undoubtedly the best developers and consequently the best software always come from the first category. They care about what they’re producing, are passionate about it and never stop learning. They want to become master craftsmen and know it depends only on their own attitude.

The question is: should the Agile manifesto include that statement? Personally I don’t believe so. The “Individual and Interaction over processes and tools” part already implies that. Focus more in processes and you’ll end up caring more about execution. Value people and the craftsmanship aspect of building software will become natural.

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2008-08-15 01:15 -0300