5 reasons to have a coding dojo at your company

1. Is the easiest and cheapest way to invest in training

To run a coding dojo people don’t need much more than a computer and a projector. Paying for the pizza and some beers for the end of the meetings is not expensive either, and is surely welcome. But if the company is really cool, some dojos can take place during work time to get more developers involved. Note that none of those items take lots of money nor is too complicated. The only things needed are some engaged developers and good sense of the company to invest in their professionals.

2. Stimulates social and self-organization skills

Many developers have some hard time when talking in public, exposing their ideas or collaborate with other people. Others have problems to self-organize, work in a team or even lead. When does a company invest on those kind of skills of a developer? Rarely. The dojo is a great start for those people, and even who doesn’t have any of these difficulties will have a chance to exercise their skills and explore points which may need some improvement.

3. Is good publicity for the company

If the company took the first step and the developers are already comfortable running a dojo, why not open the doors for the public? The company name will become associated with the agile principles behind the the coding dojo and developers won’t have to leave the company to network. Better, if everything goes well the company won’t have to publish ads to get new developers since the potential candidates will be part of the company’s routine.

4. Helps developers to be active in the community

Discussing the techniques applied in the dojos can be a good incentive for some developers to participate more in the software development community. It can also be a first step help some open source projects, publish articles or participate in conferences.

5. Breaks the routine

Code something different from the daily projects, using other languages, tools and techniques, with other people and in a more relaxed environment may be very stimulating.

So, do you need more reasons?

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2008-07-15 04:06 -0300